one classy broad
Well kids, March 4th, I'll be at the Ranch Bowl stalking...err...watching Josh Kelly perform live in my lovely little town. I just found out today that he's going to be here next week. Man, I am so stoked I could about have a conniption (a fit of excitement though, in this case). Although, on a sad note, it will be my first and last show ever at the Ranch Bowl. I've been there to bowl, but sad as it may be, they're closing down and calling it all quits. That's some history lost right there. Crying shame.

I cleaned up my computer last night. I got rid of all those old pictures I'd saved that had outlived their use, and all those stories that never made it past the first paragraph. Sad, I know, but necessary in giving me the ability to find what I want when I need it. It was a lot of deleting. I had some crazy stuff...and a suprising amount of Lucy Liu pics. Don't ask, I don't even remember why now.

I woke up at 03:00 this morning for no reason. I was wide-eyed and cold. I watched some MTV and wrote a little. Nothing of consequence. I did see U2's "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own," twice. Although, I may have changed the channel to MTV2 or VH1. I don't think MTV would repeat videos. I was pretty groggy though.
If I Don't Blame Hollywood For Moral Decline...
I shall be a good host today.

I have deleted a few links that were getting rusty (as in I don't click on them myself anymore). I have added a few links that I think are fun and think you might enjoy. Toothpaste For Dinner is a fun artsy-type link along the lines of Exploding Dog and such. Truely a gem of a link. Teh Hotness Of The Day is a new friend I've collected. She occasionally posts a picture or two of a lovely man and leads a life worthy of passing along to you. So, feel free to welcome them and click away.

On to me:

I was driving down North 30th last week and drove by Thrift America or something with a pole in front of the entryway. Some grown man was looping around the pole like he were Gene Kelly or something. What? What grown man loops around a pole like that in the middle of south Omaha? Then today I was driving up Dodge and looked up into the Union Pacific building. Some monkey was siting at their desk on the phone wearing a chefs hat. A large, white, poofy, mushroom-shaped chefs hat. With all honesty. I was sitting at a red light and just could not stop saying to myself, "Who does that?"

My sister brought up the notion of moving to Arizona to my parents. There's no way I'm missing the next weird thing that happens around here. Omaha is just too rich with those "who does that? moments.

By the way, no baby today. They say Friday.
Or Are You Just Glad To See Me...
Well, it's a happy day, folks. Time has released an aritcle siting the possible impending nuptuals for Jen and Ben. Shall I adorn my Super Action Super Hero Bathroom with pictures of the adoring couple? I don't know. I will say, if the rumors are true, I wish the two the best of luck and give them a jovial blessing. Tra-la, tra-la, tra-la.

My father is officially out of The Cutting Point. Elizabeth and Willie took over and royally screwed him over, not completely unlike the Pastor Mike issue. So much for the place making money. At least we're getting all our stuff back to sell at the garage sale. I'm working a camp this summer and we're doing a church garage sale to raise money for the kids who want to go but can't afford it.

Kristin will be going in to the doc's office tomorrow. If he sees fit, she'll be induced and our little Wolverine will be here (Logan James). Trevor took off work for the next two days, so they're looking for folks to work his hours. HA! Little do they know that if the doc does induce her, I'm off like a dirty shirt. I'm so excited.

The schmos are working on the dirt outside, preparing it to lay down sod in the next week or so. It's driving me nuts. There are machines right outside my window from the butt-crack o'dawn to the butt crack o'dusk. Don't get me wrong, it's about time, and I'm greatful they're doing it, but GEEZE. Pick some better hours, or at least give me some notice. Come in and tickle my feet before you turn on those freakin tillers, it's not fun to wake up to the shadow of a man standing in front of my window, blinds closed or not.
Looking For That Magic Hour...
I have the whole writing itch thing right now. The only problem is that my brain works a million times faster than the rest of me. By the time my hand is ready to write the first word, it's lost and I'm on page fourteen. Or, I want to write a script and my hand decides it only works in prose. This time, I bought a fancy notebook and what I'm wanting to get out just doesn't fit the cover. Geez, what I wouldn't do for a little help here.

I've been listening to John Legend's Get Lifted lately. I skip over most of the "my cheatin heart" crap, which is only two or three songs, but the rest of the cd's great. I love it when a man's voice has a little hurt in it. Is that odd? Ah well. Even the happy songs have that broken edge to it. He's a regular Otis, he is. Oh, and track seven, I Can Change features a particularly smitten sounding Snoop Dogg. I highly recomend it. It gave me a giggle.

I haven't seen a horror movie since I was in elementary school. In fact, I've only seen one horror movie in my entire life. I like to pride myself on that fact. However, I've been watching Project Greenlight on Bravo quite religiously. I don't know if I just relate to John Gulager's battered, beat-up passion, or if I just think Marcus Dunstan is the cat's meow, but I'm considering actually going out to see Feast when it comes out. The only problem is that I don't think I'm going to be able to find anyone to go with me around here, let alone someone to keep reminding me that it's "just a movie." Guh.

I have sinusitis, which is nothing new. I started self-diagnosis when I was fifteen. It's the same everytime I get it. I can't believe I never catch it before it hits me though. I'm gonna have to be a little more consious the next time I start itching my nose like a mutha. Ah well, such is life.
She Likes Pinot...
So, my sister's getting ready to do this whole heave-ho thing with that baby that's inside her. Seriously, she's been in kinda heavy labor for the last week and a half. The kid won't budge. She technically has three more weeks left, and she is more pissy than a gallon of water. I love her, I do, but I want to slap her silly the next time she snaps at me because I'm singing along with the radio. I understand she's nervous and frustrated and all those crazy things that come with carrying/having a baby, but dangit if I don't want to rip her a new one. Yarrr.

I was at the Upstream for a friend's birthday tonight, it was my mom, my sister (2), the niece, the friend's son (8), the friend, and myself. Some Joe walks up to us from Fox 42 talking about some Omaha guide to dating and mentions that the Upstream is supposed to be "hip" place for singles to meet and greet perspective dates. I swear, first thing I did was hide my hands under the table so he couldn't see I didn't have a ring on when my mom tells him I'm as single as the day is long. I swear, as if being lonely isn't itself degrading at times, having it pointed out to some Joe on the street just makes me feel worse. I wasn't there to meet anyone. I was celebrating a friend's birthday. I had no interest in making any statewide declaration of my singleness to anyone, let alone have it be seen as some kind of personal ad. Maybe that's why I'm still alone, but damnit people, leave me alone. Besides, the kind of men I'd want to meet, I'd probably only meet at Blockbuster anyway.

Not to mention, Netflix is totally screwing with my ability to "get my game on." I'll save that for another day though.
There's Nothing On The TV...
I've been seeing a lot of my old jr high kids lately. I'm even going to a tennis game to see three of the old girls play in an hour. I keep seeing them and remembering how great it all used to be. How great it is now. How much less pressure there is to perform for them now that they're old enough to get what I was getting at...and get what I was going through.

I found my first white hair (and so help me, it's white) today! People keep asking me if I mean gray. No, dammit. White. I'm actually quite proud of it. I mean, I always thought I was sorta wise, but this just confirms that I am. I'm wise. I have wisdom. I like that.

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...