one classy broad
How To Live To Be 1000...
I want to write. I'm a bit distracted.
I apologize. I'll get around to it sometime.
I'm a bit distracted.
It happens.
Signs Things Are Headed In The Right Direction...
Heartland Publishing moved in across the street. We'll see what kind of info I can pry outta them.

I saw Garden State. All I can say about this movies is: See. It. Now. Zach Braff did it, yes, he did.
A Letter To The Editor...
Dear Josh Groban (whom, to my knowledge, is not an editor),

In regards to the Omaha show: As much a doink as you may believe you are, I appreciated everything last night. Although it was in no way an intimate performance, my monther, my sister, and I felt connected. Especially when you broke out in My December, SNEAKERBOMB! You didn't think we'd figure it out? Mwahahahahahaha...of course we would. The moment in the middle of America, not quite as entertaining as Adam Duritz's bug swallowing, but we got the chuckle. Kristin and I've decided that to make your new single complete, you need castanets. Many castanets. Kristin says dancers, too, but I figure that's more of an esthetic thing than something that needs to be added to the music. Oh, and I bought the some Deep Forest. TRICKERY! Eh, it's not my favorite, but there is a jolly song on the cd I bought. Makes me want to dance around in the snow. Sad it's the middle of summer. Ah. Anyway all that's to say, holy crap, that was an awesome concert.

Come again, you're welcome any time.

Breakfast In The Afternoon...
Kristina asked me if I've been losing weight. I dunno. I don't remember the last time I weighed myself. It could explain the weird dreams. It could be that I'm living like a normal person in the light of day with day hours. Maybe it's been nice to me. Maybe it's temporary.

I'm gonna go eat now.
There She Goes Again...
So I had two dreams last night that I remember because I haven't had dreams in a long time that have made me feel that good about myself.

The first one, pretty weird, I admit: I got fitted for a dress that made me look better than I'd ever remembered looking. Only thing was that I was in the old Payless Shoe Source store that's closed down and it was still alive with shoe-filled shelving. Also, the tailor, I knew her...I think she was a famous chick...or my sister. I don't remember that much.

The second one was really weird: I was an alien, but I was still myself among alot of aliens who look like friends of mine...mostly my jr highers. We were at a water park, hiding from another type of alien who was trying to kill us. Normal humans knew we were there and were trying to protect us because we were a dying breed. Anyway, we're hiding in this waterpark (which looks like the basement of this beach house that's recurring in my dreams) and there are two of us, the leader of our alien pack and I who have to run an arrend real quick like. On our way (we were somehow flying in a car...) we were informed that we needed to dispurse and the closest hiding ground was a grotto in a friend's yard. So he and I run into this neighbor's back yard (I know, I know the family, they're faces have escaped me) and we're hiding crouched against the wall of this grotto - which is an oddly shallow cave, fully clothed in water up to our noses. I'm guessing at this point that the only place we can hide from these aliens is in the water. So this leader and I are whispering back and forth and we hear them, he pulls me really close and we basically snuggle as close as we can, butt to butt and just before I woke up, we put our heads under the water.

I don't know how the last one made me feel really good about myself, but I did. I woke up feeling better about myself than I have in a while.
Just What I Hoped I'd Be...
I've been sleeping most of the day, not thinking about anything that might stress me, because I'm stressed to the limit. Kristina's wedding, the new work schedule, then once a month life goes crazy anyway. My face is broken out, my internal clock is off, and mom just decided off the top of her head that if I'm living in the basement, I'm going on a diet.

Great, now I need another nap.
Monday Morning Came Too Soon...
So it's Tuesday, I know. I'm working today. I switched schedules with someone at work. Kristina's getting married on Thursday and she'd designated me personal attendant. Mostly I just hide her mom from her. They've both gone nuts. Kristina's become a monster and though I love her, I'd like to kick her.'s supposed to be my day off. Ah well.

I've lost my concentration and no longer have anything to talk about other than work.