one classy broad
Negative Zero...
Happy New Year everyone. 2005 has begun, officially six years after I graduated high school. If I were anyone but me, I'd have a diploma or something spectacular in my hand. Alas, I barely own a car...and the only notable goals in my life involve money. I have been watching a ton of movies and reading a bit more lately...I suppose that's something for now. I go through phases anyway, so I guess it's really nothing. Oooo...I'm a downer.

I'd like to take the time out to thank Tom personally for the little shout-out. He "doesn't read blogs." Apparently though, he makes shout-outs when he can click to make a comment. (I'm writing this while sticking my tongue nostrils are flaring, but I think that's just happening completely involuentarily.) Turns out I actually have friends anymore. You wouldn't know it from the calls I get from all of them, but hey, there's Tom. At least there's Tom. I'm ripe tonight. I apologize.

Baby Watch 2005: My sister's having a boy. She and Trevor are talking about naming the baby Luke Andrew. I realize Andrew is Trevor's middle name, but I am going to break that idea. Or not. I hope I do though.

On Spin's top 20 albums of 2004 list, I own two of those albums. Just two. I want to own three of them, but I have yet to actually bring myself to buy the new Jimmy Eat World yet. I've not built up the courage. Hell, at least I own the new U2 and Snow Patrol. Of course, I own the new U2 because I didn't hesitate. I should have hesitated...maybe it'll grow on me. Then, I only ventured Snow Patrol because the lead singer sounds just like John Foreman of Switchfoot. And he does. You can argue if you feel I'm wrong, but I'm not.

My "resolutions" for 2005:

~Win $20k on a game show.
~Pay off credit cards & car...although the car thing is completely optional because the likelyhood of me being motivated enough to find myself on a game show that would pay me that much is highly unlikely.
~Move out of my parents house.
~Get something off my chest...probably in written form.
~Decide between Life As We Know It and The OC...and if I choose The OC, try to find a way to freakin catch up.
~Either buy the Gray Album or the Black album...turns out, I *like* Jay-Z. Like that. least front of a crowd of people I don't know.
~Find a church to go to. I need a church to go to. I'm dying on my own. Not really, but reading devotionals is getting a bit stale. I need a personality in my life.
~Become unsexual...because unsexual sounds a whole lot more noble than asexual.