one classy broad
The Dakota Watch Company...
I go visit Capitol school of hair design tomorrow with my dad. It should be fun.

I learned tonight that my mom busted the Man's ass today with an iron rod. That's why he sounded weird on the phone earlier. My mother...yarr. Things were starting to get good.
And There Was Much Rejoicing...
Well children, I have a new work schedule. 0730-1600 with Thursdays and Fridays off. So, no more Sunday morning church, boo, but I have a better shift if I can find a hair school that'll let me take evening/night classes. Also, it's a shift that lets me get a life!

I bought two Hugh Grant movies tonight. About A Boy and Notting Hill were calling me. I need a man with floppy hair in my life, and since I don't plan on having a relationship with anyone anytime soon, Hugh will have to do. Now all I have to get is Love, Actually and the Hugh collection should be complete.

Also, I love Ben and Jerry. I don't know them from Adam, but I am declaring my undying love for them here and now.
Full Of Shrimpy Goodness...
I found my dream waitress tonight. She was awesome. She brought our food in a timely manner. She was in an upbeat mood. She brought me a bowlful of marishino cherries. She came back and made sure everything was okay when our mouths weren't full. She even came back to see if we needed refills while Kristina and I were just yammering away for no good reason. She even brought out our ticket after she'd asked us if we'd wanted dessert. Seriously, her name is Jackie, she works at Perkins, and she's the best waitress .ever.

If I wanted to wait on people, I'd do it like that. I am ruined for anything else now.
Kitty On My Foot And I Wanna Touch It...
Ah, long live The Presidents OF The United States OF America.

Tomorrow I meet with the Man. Some would say, "Damn the Man," but we'll see.

I've come back from camp pretty content on forgetting politics and moving on to something that's become relatively near and dear to my heart. I'm looking at cosmetology schools. I'd have laughed in your face two weeks ago, but I used a curling iron for the first time last week, and my heart didn't jump in my throat.

My dad's wicked psyched. He's going to visit a few schools with me in the area. I'm thinking in January I'll start so I have enough time to pay off the one major thing that's kicking my butt. Also, I figured out once I'm finished with school (only 13 months), I can take this the UK better watch itself.


Eh, God bless the Man.
I Would Like You All To Welcome Fry And Leela...
Puppies and brochitis all in one day. Boo. Boooooooo...and the doc only wrote me one day out of work (although he said it was contagious). So I took the second day off anyway. I'm going to clean my cave and do some laundry. I'm also going to clean myself up afterwards and when my mom gets home she's gonna bring some Robutussen and play with my hair while I lay all over her and pray she doesn't get sick.

Ahhhh...sick days, how I love thee!