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Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold...
So, there was this boy at work, I'm pretty sure I wrote about him and how he had lead me on (flirted mercilessly, asked for my number, played with my hair, yadda, yadda) for three months only to break my heart with the news that he was engaged to his three-year-old daughter's mother and dissapeared.

So, turns out he's married the girl and lives in my apartment complex...and he has no idea that I'm here. I'm so waiting for the day the three of them go out to play on the playground and I go with my sister and my niece and nephew and there we all are. Him crapping his drawers.

My heart is pounding so hard and my stomach is in knots. This is single-handedly the best and worst thing that has ever happened to me in my ENTIRE life. Please, laugh with me. God has decided to bless me in ways that, before today, I never thought possible.
It's All Beans And Weenies...
I have a week coming up where my folks will be on the west coast. I keep thinking of things to do with that week. Most of them end up being me sitting on my butt, writing. It's been strange trying to concentrate on something so long-term (it's a long-term project). I am so easily lazy, it really takes nothing for me to give up when it comes to pushing myself. Lately though, my head keeps telling me that if I stop, I'm gonna regret not finishing this. I'm being cryptic...I apologize.

Anyway, I have no other real declarations to make, no real interesting stories, no fun links for now. I'm in a bit of a dry spell. My friends have been elusive as of late. My family hasn't been too interesting (although Leah is in the room dancing around in her jeans and her tutu...but not much else...good thing she's only two).

Oh wait, if you get a chance, read My Antonia or O Pioneers!. They're great novels. Killer reads, short and easy. I realize Prarie stories aren't big these days, but they're written so well it hurts. Willa Cather is my new favorite classic. If you don't like them, I'll send you something.
Vintage Bozo's Circus Postcards Rock...
I keep trying to figure out how to work the least amount of hours and still be able to pay off all my debt within the next two years. I think I can cut it down to 30 hours a week. Granted, I'll probably want to find another job that I like to make up for the 10 hours of boredom that would take it's place. I just don't know of a place close enough to home that the 10 hours of pay wouldn't end up being used for gas. Such is the life I lead. I've discovered that lately, with all the weird storms in California, my hours at work are increasing. I'm getting irritated. Downtime is getting scarce. Ah least the boss isn't in this week. Woo!

My niece has finally got the picture that she's two, and semi-allowed to be. She's been taking out all the bizarre agressions on my nephew and herself by hitting. My dad's been trying to teach her to keep her hands away from everyone, that hitting in the face is a no-no, but what he hasn't realized is that she has no qualms in using her head as a weapon. She clocked him in the face with her forehead. She just smiled while he was in pain. It was a sight. Kristin is exhausted, and Trevor works the majority of the afternoon and night, so he hasn't been able to help out much.

Mother's day was fun. Got Kristin some shoes. Got me some shoes (I know I'm not a's okay.) Got mom flowers and made her dinner. It was a good day.
She's Lump, She's In My Head...
So kids, my sister had her kid. He's a treat of infinately tasty proportions. His name is Logan and I'd post a picture, but I'm lame and can't seem to find a way to post a picture. I know how to do it, I just don't have a link to them and am waaaaaay too cheap to pay for hosting of any kind and waaaaaay too lazy to do the research to find a free host. My apologies. We think he has brown eyes though. Here's holding out for the red hair.

I've been writing the last couple days, but nothing I'd put on the internet yet. It's too soon to really show off anything, but I am excited about the project I'm working on. I've decided to treat it like my Bible reading. A little at a time, every day, keeps me on track.

I've added my brother-in-law's brother to my list of people I've collected. CHECK IT OUT. It's all about his semester in Europe. There are funny stories and amazing pictures. He's having the best year by far...of anyone I know. Not to mention how completely and dreadfully jealous I am. Take a look at those pictures, you'll understand.