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That Last Comment Left Was Totally Unfair...
We're in the new apartment. Things are crazy as we're trying to figure out how to put a house of 14 rooms & a garage into an apartment of 7 rooms. There are bins and boxes piled as high as the eye can see. I have to go through 5 bins of my own this weekend and divide and conquer. Wish me luck because I can see this being a little scary.

I took some alieve for a wisdom tooth problem I think I'm having. I feel nice--like sugar and spice. So good I made brownies.

Mmmmm the Oscars...I've decided that when I grow up, I want to look like a red haired Virginia Madsen (or whatever her name is). And was it my imagination or was Jamie Foxx hitting on Oprah from the podium last night? He so was. It was the greatest.
I Looked Back And Hundreds Of Lions Were Chasing Me...
So life has become a giant ball of stress for me.

I start packing my room up tomorrow as I pick up the keys to the new apartment on Friday. I'll be out of the internet for about two or three days so (as if I updated regularly) I will not be signing on for a little while. Tomorrow will be spent between watching my niece, doing my laundry, and packing up my entire room. I don't think I'm at all ready for this.

I drove around Bellevue today with the sun shining. I drove down Bellevue Blvd, although I'm sure not for the last time, for what is probably going to be the last heart to heart. I just kept praying that God would help me realize my dream to live on the street and that I don't forget it. I'm moving only a couple minutes away, but I have to reaquaint myself with an entirely new surrounding. There'll be no more shoping at craptastically huge WalMart anymore. Panera won't be a three minute drive away. Hanson Park (my spiritual resting place) will be a twenty minute drive away.

My body has gone crazy. I'm sick and worn ragged. My work is suffering and I can't stop sleeping and watching tv. Escapism has taken over somehow and I don't know how to get back. I'm more or less immobile and I've gained a couple pounds, which is never good for me. I'm sure once I settle into the new place I'll get a clue, but I'm having such a rough go over leaving my home.

I can't stop touching the house. The wallpaper in the kitchen, the bathroom window, the hardwood floors. My heart is breaking. Yes, no more crappy neighbors, but then more stories of the crazy old cop. I told my mom how much I was going to miss living in this house, at my home. She said she was sure the house felt the same way about us. I had to walk my way out of crying.

This sucks.
Cupid's Got His Finger Up His Nose A Little More Frequently These Days...
Many things:

1. Tom got it in the mail, so I can now proclaim to you all that I am the gift-giving Queen. I found a magnet of an old Dick and Jane cartoon of a little boy with dark hair standing between two little girls. The caption under it read: "Tom is a mack daddy. Pimp Tom, pimp." I about died when I saw it at Homer's. It made me snort.

2. We have sold the house. We'll be moving to Papillion, NE on Saturday if things go well (10 min away from Bellevue, 5 min away from Omaha.). Mom, dad, and I will be living in a 3-bedroom apartment leased in my name. Yikes. I am excited a little though. I'll be spending a whole lot less on gas as I will now be living 5 minutes away from work.

3. I have a cold. It has been passed from the brother-in-law, to the niece, to the sister, to me. Boooooo. I have come out from my Ny-quill coma though. I can think straight again.

4. Grammy's tonight! Ieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!