one classy broad
If I Don't Blame Hollywood For Moral Decline...
I shall be a good host today.

I have deleted a few links that were getting rusty (as in I don't click on them myself anymore). I have added a few links that I think are fun and think you might enjoy. Toothpaste For Dinner is a fun artsy-type link along the lines of Exploding Dog and such. Truely a gem of a link. Teh Hotness Of The Day is a new friend I've collected. She occasionally posts a picture or two of a lovely man and leads a life worthy of passing along to you. So, feel free to welcome them and click away.

On to me:

I was driving down North 30th last week and drove by Thrift America or something with a pole in front of the entryway. Some grown man was looping around the pole like he were Gene Kelly or something. What? What grown man loops around a pole like that in the middle of south Omaha? Then today I was driving up Dodge and looked up into the Union Pacific building. Some monkey was siting at their desk on the phone wearing a chefs hat. A large, white, poofy, mushroom-shaped chefs hat. With all honesty. I was sitting at a red light and just could not stop saying to myself, "Who does that?"

My sister brought up the notion of moving to Arizona to my parents. There's no way I'm missing the next weird thing that happens around here. Omaha is just too rich with those "who does that? moments.

By the way, no baby today. They say Friday.