one classy broad
Boys and girls, it's official. I have been applying for a second job. I realize for now anything I get is likely to be seasonal, but craptastic, I just pushed a house out of my butt. I don't think I've ever felt so squeezed a damn lemon even. Hey, I'm a homeowner now. Official closing is November 15th, but hi*yah! I'm right on my life schedule. Completely by accident no less.
Stalker In Training...

So many things are going on, although nothing to do with Zach Braff, I just wanted to see him whenever I came to my site, I'm lame, I know. I apologize for the lack of updates lately. I've been an oddly busy person as of late.

I put in an offer for a house. It was accepted. Now I'm just waiting to hear from the mortgage company on finances. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much. I just can't seem to help myself though. I keep thinking about what I'm going to do with the place. I'm trying not to develop an ulcer.

I woke up this morning with a cloud over my head. I went to the doc's office this morning and had my ears irrigated. I love getting my ears irrigated, it's like a free trip to an amusment park without the actual risk of falling off of the roller coaster.

Did you know I own a sock monkey postcard? I do. It should be framed.