one classy broad
Well kids, March 4th, I'll be at the Ranch Bowl stalking...err...watching Josh Kelly perform live in my lovely little town. I just found out today that he's going to be here next week. Man, I am so stoked I could about have a conniption (a fit of excitement though, in this case). Although, on a sad note, it will be my first and last show ever at the Ranch Bowl. I've been there to bowl, but sad as it may be, they're closing down and calling it all quits. That's some history lost right there. Crying shame.

I cleaned up my computer last night. I got rid of all those old pictures I'd saved that had outlived their use, and all those stories that never made it past the first paragraph. Sad, I know, but necessary in giving me the ability to find what I want when I need it. It was a lot of deleting. I had some crazy stuff...and a suprising amount of Lucy Liu pics. Don't ask, I don't even remember why now.

I woke up at 03:00 this morning for no reason. I was wide-eyed and cold. I watched some MTV and wrote a little. Nothing of consequence. I did see U2's "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own," twice. Although, I may have changed the channel to MTV2 or VH1. I don't think MTV would repeat videos. I was pretty groggy though.