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She Likes Pinot...
So, my sister's getting ready to do this whole heave-ho thing with that baby that's inside her. Seriously, she's been in kinda heavy labor for the last week and a half. The kid won't budge. She technically has three more weeks left, and she is more pissy than a gallon of water. I love her, I do, but I want to slap her silly the next time she snaps at me because I'm singing along with the radio. I understand she's nervous and frustrated and all those crazy things that come with carrying/having a baby, but dangit if I don't want to rip her a new one. Yarrr.

I was at the Upstream for a friend's birthday tonight, it was my mom, my sister (2), the niece, the friend's son (8), the friend, and myself. Some Joe walks up to us from Fox 42 talking about some Omaha guide to dating and mentions that the Upstream is supposed to be "hip" place for singles to meet and greet perspective dates. I swear, first thing I did was hide my hands under the table so he couldn't see I didn't have a ring on when my mom tells him I'm as single as the day is long. I swear, as if being lonely isn't itself degrading at times, having it pointed out to some Joe on the street just makes me feel worse. I wasn't there to meet anyone. I was celebrating a friend's birthday. I had no interest in making any statewide declaration of my singleness to anyone, let alone have it be seen as some kind of personal ad. Maybe that's why I'm still alone, but damnit people, leave me alone. Besides, the kind of men I'd want to meet, I'd probably only meet at Blockbuster anyway.

Not to mention, Netflix is totally screwing with my ability to "get my game on." I'll save that for another day though.