one classy broad
It's Been Fun...
Suddenly it's monsoon season in Nebraska. I don't understand where it came from, I only know I don't care enough to run back out to pull my car into the driveway. If it hails, oh well, dent resistant doors and I'll finally be able to get that ding in the hood fixed. Makes me miss Japan a little...albiet my parents were always around for these things. Today they're visiting my grandparents. What a sucky time to be home alone. EVERYTHING is locked as tight as it can be. God forbid anyone try anything tonight.

Such is life. I think I'm going to have to turn the computer off soon.
Vive La French Toast...
Too. Much. Startch.

I've gorged myself on startch this week. Next week is wheat free week (try saying that three times fast). I need to start writing again. I want to, but something keeps stoping me. I think it may have to do with my late rising and my tv before bed habits. Bah on me.

Work. I have to work. Please remind me that I'm working to help myself get into a place where I can afford to buy a house. I keep losing sight when I have money burning a hole in my pocket. Blah. Spending sucks.
A Fan Of The Red, White, And Blue...
Season 2 dvd set of The West Wing is keeping me up late these nights. If I could be anyone in the world, I'd be CJ Craig...dangit. Although it would be the most humiliating life, it'd also be the most freaking fun I'd ever have. Allison Janey is so rock and she doesn't even know it. Hehehe...I'd also hide in Rob Lowe's dressing room.

Work is getting tedious. I'm getting tired of sitting around on my butt and talking to people on the phone I don't know and who want to rail me for being a telemarketer. I am *NOT* a telemarketer people. I'm saving your life or the life of the person who put you on their contact list. Bah. I won't quit. I'm not out of debt yet.

Mom and dad promised to buy me a scottish terrier when I buy my house. I need a puppy. I'm getting tired of being lonely.
When I Am Sad I Eat A Cookie
I hope you can see this. It made me smile. It's titled "When I Am Sad I Eat A Cookie." It made me think of Cookie Monster, which makes me think of my niece, which makes me smile.

I finally got around to writing the letter for my parents. I'm nominating them for Extreme Makeover Home Edition...however, now I'm being told by everyone that I need to parse it down to 500 words. Which I have officially deemed impossible. Although, if I can, I'm gonna take the origional thing, edit it, and turn it into an essay, because it is a damn fine piece of work. On paper it's only 2 & 1/2 pages long. I don't think that's so bad.

I've been reading Time like a bandit. I'm becoming slightly obsessed with the way real writers of journalism write. I want to learn it. I do.
What I Am Is Quite Enough...
I saw Mean Girls tonight, and I must say (yes, must) that I am Tina Fey's character in that movie. Granted, not good in math, a little more readible when it comes to the sarcasm, but yes, neurotic, caring, and abundantly good natured. I walked away a little excited for the next couple of months.


Now I've gone and ruined my mood by thinking too much.
Tales Out Of The Ordinary...
So, I did a little walk/jog this morning in my pj's. First time in at least a year that I've set my feet to running. It was fun. I'm all nasty now, though, and need to clean up. My doorbell rang and a young woman and an elderly woman were there. Turns out they were Jehovah's Witnesses wanting to hand out some magazines. Awake! and The Watchtower. Turns out the younger woman was named Audrey and that she knew me. She graduated the year after I did. How odd. I didn't even recognize her. I still don't know that I ever knew her, but she knew me. Odd.

I don't remember getting around so much.