one classy broad
Or Are You Just Glad To See Me...
Well, it's a happy day, folks. Time has released an aritcle siting the possible impending nuptuals for Jen and Ben. Shall I adorn my Super Action Super Hero Bathroom with pictures of the adoring couple? I don't know. I will say, if the rumors are true, I wish the two the best of luck and give them a jovial blessing. Tra-la, tra-la, tra-la.

My father is officially out of The Cutting Point. Elizabeth and Willie took over and royally screwed him over, not completely unlike the Pastor Mike issue. So much for the place making money. At least we're getting all our stuff back to sell at the garage sale. I'm working a camp this summer and we're doing a church garage sale to raise money for the kids who want to go but can't afford it.

Kristin will be going in to the doc's office tomorrow. If he sees fit, she'll be induced and our little Wolverine will be here (Logan James). Trevor took off work for the next two days, so they're looking for folks to work his hours. HA! Little do they know that if the doc does induce her, I'm off like a dirty shirt. I'm so excited.

The schmos are working on the dirt outside, preparing it to lay down sod in the next week or so. It's driving me nuts. There are machines right outside my window from the butt-crack o'dawn to the butt crack o'dusk. Don't get me wrong, it's about time, and I'm greatful they're doing it, but GEEZE. Pick some better hours, or at least give me some notice. Come in and tickle my feet before you turn on those freakin tillers, it's not fun to wake up to the shadow of a man standing in front of my window, blinds closed or not.