one classy broad
I Could If I Knew How...

I was attacked by a dog and a cat this weekend.

My throat and nose have suffered much insult and injury.

My throat is scratchy as heck and my nose is as leaky as a faucet.
Brokenness And Pride...
"Criminal negligence..."

I'm no expert. It means you can completely disregard anything I write next.

People (ahem, certian celebrities who will remain nameless) who have very little hand in the tragedy need to step off. Be empithetic. Rend your garments and beat the gound with them. Go out there and cry with people, feel with them. However, they can speak for themselves, the media hears them better when they use their own voices, and we hear them better then anyone hears you. You trigger that nerve in us that shuts us off. You give room for dissension. You build the levee in our pocketbooks and our giving natures. Before any of you voiced any damn opinions on who's wrong and pointed fingers, there was a sense of humanity to what was going on. Now it's a cause. No one wants to give to a cause. Causes have become obligations. People want to fill a need, do what they can because they realize their situations are just as fragile. People see their own faces when they look into the eyes of people they're not distracted by. You distract and detract from that process. It's noble to want to put a face on something, but we've seen eyes that have faced hell firsthand. You are not that face. You are a fellow American who has no place in the spotlight right now.

Shut up.
Bigger And Better, Baby, Bigger And Better...

I have some news? The job that I despise so much has just handed me a promotion. I now work for the fancy customer service group aka inbound calling. Blech. At least it's a raise.

Hoo and ray, my friends.
Just Dropping A Note...
I can't get away from the bugs. I had a dragonfly hop onto the antenna of my car and just coast down 360 with me...hitchin a ride without a sign or anything. How presumptious.

You should send a postcard to because it could save your life.

Oh, and the answer to the challenge is Faye Dunaway. I wasn't paying attention to the list, so you're not imagining this lovely edit. Rumor is she's a diamond, still in the form of a lump o'coal. I know, ow.