one classy broad
That Is Why We Pow-Wow No More...

So, I guess it's butterfly migration season. I was stopped at the four-way in front of my house and as I stopped, a monarch attacked my side-view mirror. Then, at the major four-way stop a block or two away, a monarch just jaywalked his way across the street like the lights were owned. I'm pretty sure I could hear him saying, "Yeah, that's right, Snootches. You can wait your turn. Oh, and uh, God save the Queen."

So, is no one willing to step up to the plate and play the game or do only three people read this thing on a regular (meaning once a month) basis? Bah.
Spelling It Out In Alphabet Magnets...
Challenge: If you can tell me which out of this group of...famous/semi-famous folk I haven't called for work, then I will send you a postcard, becuse it turns out I have a couple doubles. Your choices are:

David Geffen
Picabo Street
Vincent D'onofrio
Kevin Costner
Brandon Ebel
Diane Feinstein
Dennis Miller
Fay Dunaway

Deadline for an answer is Monday, August 29th @ 1700 hrs. Central time.

Also, I didn't keep any of their information. I'm only somewhat unethical to do this, not completely unethical. I have a conscience...and I need my job as much as I dispise it.
So He Was Belligerantly Sanctified...
Today at work I overheard one lady telling another a story about a priest drunkenly chewing her out because he was too obliterated to realize the church had a security system. It's days like this I appreciate my job. It's also days like this that I wonder about Catholic theology...mostly because I have questions about some of it. Well, moreso questions about Catholic clergy vs. integrity. This is not the first time I've heard of a priest ripping someone a new one.

So, Jill and I went to see The Island last night. While I won't say it's my new favorite movie, I did have a helluva time with all the circle shots. Getting dizzy in the top row of the movie theater, now that's a time. I will say that Scarlett Johanssen and Ewan McGregor saved the movie. Neither are my favorites, but I respect them both for their immense talents. Good times.

I went driving around tonight. I've been in auto pilot a lot lately. I even got pulled over for not having my headlights on (only a warning though...). At work I'm completely spacing on calls. Half the time I don't even remember what I've just said or done. I've been making a lot of double calls, I think. I've got a heard of cattle fighting for greener pastures in my brain. I'm so out of touch and dissillusioned right now. I'm fighting myself: Do I still apply for art school? Do I crap out? Do I look for a new job with the intentions to stay or leave? Should I start making more friends? Do I wait until I get out of this place? How can I check out without actually checking out?

In the immortal words of Elvis: I'm so lonesome I could (cry? die?) something or other.
I'm Not A Stapler, I Just Look Like One...

Being the least busy and least disagreeable person I know, I enjoyed a new episode of Lazy Town last night. Does this make me a loser? I know, I's all that darn Jonny Rotten.

I've been trying to make myself useful. I have nowhere to go and nothing to do. This is why I've been so bad at keeping up on the blog. I have nothing to write about. I made cookies last night. And today I finished some art. I have no digital camera so there is no way to prove any of this.

The Switchfoot concert was sort of the top for me. It's one of those things that's kinda lasting a little bit.
Feeling Campy...
Just got back from camp and have to say, I don't know if it's the sleep deprivation, but I think things are about to change a little. I know I want to give it at least two weeks so I can seperate myself from any strings of manipulation I may or may not be bound to right now, but I do believe some good things are on their way. It's been a while since I've been happy in my current situation more or less due to feelings of stagnation, being stuck at my job on my current schedule, feeling lonely, and the carrying the dead weight of some past stuff. It's time for that to change anyway, but I feel like I have a better idea of where things are supposed to go for now.

So, if you're feelin it, pray for me. Even though things are crap, I boast in the Lord for all he's given me and all the things I contend with in spite of their being necessary in my life.

I'm gonna go pass out now. Whee.