one classy broad
Looking For That Magic Hour...
I have the whole writing itch thing right now. The only problem is that my brain works a million times faster than the rest of me. By the time my hand is ready to write the first word, it's lost and I'm on page fourteen. Or, I want to write a script and my hand decides it only works in prose. This time, I bought a fancy notebook and what I'm wanting to get out just doesn't fit the cover. Geez, what I wouldn't do for a little help here.

I've been listening to John Legend's Get Lifted lately. I skip over most of the "my cheatin heart" crap, which is only two or three songs, but the rest of the cd's great. I love it when a man's voice has a little hurt in it. Is that odd? Ah well. Even the happy songs have that broken edge to it. He's a regular Otis, he is. Oh, and track seven, I Can Change features a particularly smitten sounding Snoop Dogg. I highly recomend it. It gave me a giggle.

I haven't seen a horror movie since I was in elementary school. In fact, I've only seen one horror movie in my entire life. I like to pride myself on that fact. However, I've been watching Project Greenlight on Bravo quite religiously. I don't know if I just relate to John Gulager's battered, beat-up passion, or if I just think Marcus Dunstan is the cat's meow, but I'm considering actually going out to see Feast when it comes out. The only problem is that I don't think I'm going to be able to find anyone to go with me around here, let alone someone to keep reminding me that it's "just a movie." Guh.

I have sinusitis, which is nothing new. I started self-diagnosis when I was fifteen. It's the same everytime I get it. I can't believe I never catch it before it hits me though. I'm gonna have to be a little more consious the next time I start itching my nose like a mutha. Ah well, such is life.