one classy broad
Stopping To Smell The Fake Plastic Pens...?
The family is picking up and moving across least rumor has it. I'm still not sure I believe. The little sign was posted in the front yard the other day, so I'm moving upstairs until we move-move. This could be my oppertunity to get out, but I still don't think I'm ready. God, I'm 23 and I'm still not ready...ugh.

I have to do laundry.
The Other Side Of The Spectrum...
Tonight, so far (after getting off work), I've made myself "breakfast." Tomatoes, scrambled eggs with cheese melted in, and sausage. I've watched Bread And Tulips which I LOVE. If you're a female or capable of being sentimental, you should rent this at your local blockbuster. Next is the Dirty Dancing 2 soundtrack and a nice long shower...then maybe some writing. Gah. It's good today. I've got my mind off everything. Tonight being alone in my house is not scary, tonight alone is novel.
So What If I'm Lonely...
I keep looking back at my blog and wondering if it's changed or been updated. I got a little confused for a second there.

I spent yesterday with my dad...mostly because I didn't want to hang out with anyone. I'm "all at sea" (to borrow a phrase). I'm down to two friends who I never see anymore and my family. I mean, there's probably a reason for it. I've just found myself hiding more and more these days. I've come to this point where I'd rather ball up in a corner with my blanky and my tv than meet anyone new and spend the time to care. I've somehow found a way to crawl back into myself.

I think it's this whole waiting thing. It's driving me nuts.