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Spelling It Out In Alphabet Magnets...
Challenge: If you can tell me which out of this group of...famous/semi-famous folk I haven't called for work, then I will send you a postcard, becuse it turns out I have a couple doubles. Your choices are:

David Geffen
Picabo Street
Vincent D'onofrio
Kevin Costner
Brandon Ebel
Diane Feinstein
Dennis Miller
Fay Dunaway

Deadline for an answer is Monday, August 29th @ 1700 hrs. Central time.

Also, I didn't keep any of their information. I'm only somewhat unethical to do this, not completely unethical. I have a conscience...and I need my job as much as I dispise it.
Blogger McRubble said...
You didn't call Vincent D'onofio because he's locked up in a mental hospital when he isn't shooting Law and Order, Picabo Street because she's skiing in Chile at the moment,Faye Dunaway because even her agent can't reach her, I suspect you called the rest but who cares...I missed this contest by 2