one classy broad
It's All Beans And Weenies...
I have a week coming up where my folks will be on the west coast. I keep thinking of things to do with that week. Most of them end up being me sitting on my butt, writing. It's been strange trying to concentrate on something so long-term (it's a long-term project). I am so easily lazy, it really takes nothing for me to give up when it comes to pushing myself. Lately though, my head keeps telling me that if I stop, I'm gonna regret not finishing this. I'm being cryptic...I apologize.

Anyway, I have no other real declarations to make, no real interesting stories, no fun links for now. I'm in a bit of a dry spell. My friends have been elusive as of late. My family hasn't been too interesting (although Leah is in the room dancing around in her jeans and her tutu...but not much else...good thing she's only two).

Oh wait, if you get a chance, read My Antonia or O Pioneers!. They're great novels. Killer reads, short and easy. I realize Prarie stories aren't big these days, but they're written so well it hurts. Willa Cather is my new favorite classic. If you don't like them, I'll send you something.