one classy broad
She's Lump, She's In My Head...
So kids, my sister had her kid. He's a treat of infinately tasty proportions. His name is Logan and I'd post a picture, but I'm lame and can't seem to find a way to post a picture. I know how to do it, I just don't have a link to them and am waaaaaay too cheap to pay for hosting of any kind and waaaaaay too lazy to do the research to find a free host. My apologies. We think he has brown eyes though. Here's holding out for the red hair.

I've been writing the last couple days, but nothing I'd put on the internet yet. It's too soon to really show off anything, but I am excited about the project I'm working on. I've decided to treat it like my Bible reading. A little at a time, every day, keeps me on track.

I've added my brother-in-law's brother to my list of people I've collected. CHECK IT OUT. It's all about his semester in Europe. There are funny stories and amazing pictures. He's having the best year by far...of anyone I know. Not to mention how completely and dreadfully jealous I am. Take a look at those pictures, you'll understand.