one classy broad
Cupid's Got His Finger Up His Nose A Little More Frequently These Days...
Many things:

1. Tom got it in the mail, so I can now proclaim to you all that I am the gift-giving Queen. I found a magnet of an old Dick and Jane cartoon of a little boy with dark hair standing between two little girls. The caption under it read: "Tom is a mack daddy. Pimp Tom, pimp." I about died when I saw it at Homer's. It made me snort.

2. We have sold the house. We'll be moving to Papillion, NE on Saturday if things go well (10 min away from Bellevue, 5 min away from Omaha.). Mom, dad, and I will be living in a 3-bedroom apartment leased in my name. Yikes. I am excited a little though. I'll be spending a whole lot less on gas as I will now be living 5 minutes away from work.

3. I have a cold. It has been passed from the brother-in-law, to the niece, to the sister, to me. Boooooo. I have come out from my Ny-quill coma though. I can think straight again.

4. Grammy's tonight! Ieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!