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Kitty On My Foot And I Wanna Touch It...
Ah, long live The Presidents OF The United States OF America.

Tomorrow I meet with the Man. Some would say, "Damn the Man," but we'll see.

I've come back from camp pretty content on forgetting politics and moving on to something that's become relatively near and dear to my heart. I'm looking at cosmetology schools. I'd have laughed in your face two weeks ago, but I used a curling iron for the first time last week, and my heart didn't jump in my throat.

My dad's wicked psyched. He's going to visit a few schools with me in the area. I'm thinking in January I'll start so I have enough time to pay off the one major thing that's kicking my butt. Also, I figured out once I'm finished with school (only 13 months), I can take this the UK better watch itself.


Eh, God bless the Man.