one classy broad
A Fan Of The Red, White, And Blue...
Season 2 dvd set of The West Wing is keeping me up late these nights. If I could be anyone in the world, I'd be CJ Craig...dangit. Although it would be the most humiliating life, it'd also be the most freaking fun I'd ever have. Allison Janey is so rock and she doesn't even know it. Hehehe...I'd also hide in Rob Lowe's dressing room.

Work is getting tedious. I'm getting tired of sitting around on my butt and talking to people on the phone I don't know and who want to rail me for being a telemarketer. I am *NOT* a telemarketer people. I'm saving your life or the life of the person who put you on their contact list. Bah. I won't quit. I'm not out of debt yet.

Mom and dad promised to buy me a scottish terrier when I buy my house. I need a puppy. I'm getting tired of being lonely.