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When I Am Sad I Eat A Cookie
I hope you can see this. It made me smile. It's titled "When I Am Sad I Eat A Cookie." It made me think of Cookie Monster, which makes me think of my niece, which makes me smile.

I finally got around to writing the letter for my parents. I'm nominating them for Extreme Makeover Home Edition...however, now I'm being told by everyone that I need to parse it down to 500 words. Which I have officially deemed impossible. Although, if I can, I'm gonna take the origional thing, edit it, and turn it into an essay, because it is a damn fine piece of work. On paper it's only 2 & 1/2 pages long. I don't think that's so bad.

I've been reading Time like a bandit. I'm becoming slightly obsessed with the way real writers of journalism write. I want to learn it. I do.