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Watching The Tide Roll Away (A Weekend Retrospective)...
Potatoes and tomatoes of mine!!!

It's been an entire weekend! I've missed you all, but then again, notsomuch. Part of me just wants to write that fun was had, and it was, but there was so much more than that.

The ride down was an experience. Kristin and I followed Nate and Christy down. I don't know if you've ever followed Nate anywhere, and I've done it twice now. Yipes! There was so much speeding up and slowing down that I had to do to either keep up or not pass the kid. Kristin and I were a moment away from an "Hasta luego, Don Diego" episode. If only we'd been able to keep the directions we'd printed off. We know that next time we print the directions off double--and we follow no one.

We made a pause in Hamburg, IA to take pictures in front of Stoner Drugs. Oh hell yeah. I'm sure pictures will be up soon.

So, we got to Kansas City (the Missouri part of MoKan Swing!) and made it out to our host's place. Cory is the consumate king of hospitality. He had air mattresses galore and played the most kickass blues I'd ever heard. He tolerated the more undecisive ones of us with grace and was just plain kickass the entire weekend about everything...and he made breakfast every morning.

After a great encounter with the Kona Grill, we headed off to the Art Walk and phew! I was completely blown away. I wish I'd had paper with me to write down the names of some of the artists we saw, but I didn't. My biggest suggestion is that if it's still going on, go to the Crossstreet Blues art exhibit. Oh Lord. It's not heavy, it's my brother...well, and it's heavy. If you get a chance to see it, when you get to the far right corner, notice how big the artist made the hands in comparison to the figures. Guh. So good it hurt! There was power in that art.

The Friday night dance: YAY! We walk in and there's Hilary! My favorite redhead ever! I walk into the actual dance hall and there's Terri! My favorite Terri ever! I was so giddy to see the Soul Sisters. I'm not even going to lie. I just wanted to do a jig all over the place. Otis would have understood. My most recent video is dedicated to those most lovely ladies.

I got to watch some awesome dancing. Oscar and Hallie or Callie or whatever her name was, holy crap on a stick, Batman. Those two can get down. I'd have no trouble believing they know soul. I decided Cory's dancing is actually the male equivalent of how I dance. It was so easy dancing with him. I felt like my smile was just going to jump off my face and rival the sun.

At one point, I came across the one Cat that made me forget that there were any other dancers in the roooooom. He was the most adorable thing I've ever seeeeen. (Sorry I'm getting carried away with the vowels, I'm listening to Otis in the background and when I feel the Spirit move, I can't help myself--I just talk different) Suzie and Kristin and I decided we love him and wanted to take him home with us. I won't mention how Ryan never actually followed Kristin and I to our car and got in. He and his little gang from St. Louie are welcome out here with open arms at ANY time, and I'm sure the next time any of us are headed out there, we'll call him up.

The workshops Saturday were fun, but the best time I had Saturday was spent in the car to and from lunch with Hilary and Kenny [Harry] "effin'" Nelson. I won't mention more than that, but I will say, "Shak-ee-dah" is now the most hilarious and haunting phrase in all of jazz.

The dance Saturday night was cah-razy! Not that there wasn't alcohol involved the entire weekend, but I actually got ahold of some Saturday night. Not much, but enough that I could stop being so serious and poopy about whatever I was being so poopy about.

The Jack'n'Jill went awesome! I didn't participate in this one, but I manned the cameras and did a lot of shouting and general excitement-enducing stuff to encourage my sister and the rest of the Omahans to kick ass...WHICH THEY DID. We totally had three gals : Josie, Stephanie, & Kristin and two guys: Jonathan & Brian in the FINALS. Yes, yes we did. I won't spoil anything for Kristin, so I won't mention that she and Brian took first place. (Oops.)

After the contest, there was Motown fun to be had at the Car Bar., I come around and immediately I'm met with the warm sounds of Motown and the faint scent of cigarettes. As I stepped in further, I noticed that Nate was holding a cup, which he offered me, but I was momentarily saved by Merinda, knowing that if my alcohol doesn't taste like kool aid, well, nothing really happens, but thank you Merinda. There was a sing-a-long, some dancing, some crazy guy parked on the side of the street opposite the party watching us, a not sober pairing and slobbery accented Tim and Troy, and inner excitement because 4.5 was about to play, and they play the kinda stuff that makes you realize that yer momma don't dance and yer daddy don't rock'n'roll.

When I went inside, I tell you, Miss Hilary had the hall set on fire. Sure people were dancing, but there were sounds. Sounds and soul and fire and I, for one, may have looked calm and collected, but my entire being was aflame. I will make no mention of the soul contest except to say that Jonathan and Stephanie were totally worthy of the win. If I should ever get the chance to "Show My Soul" again, there will be a partner, and I will make the distinction of schooling that partner in soul vs. blues or burlesque.

Ah, then there was Sunday. Sunday, bloody Sunday. I loved it. I enjoyed the workshops I took this weekend, but I loved Dooing the Tranky the most. Granted it was kinda different than I learned it, and it wasn't the whole thing, but it was the one workshop I was looking forward to all weekend, and it completely held up to my every expectation. Kudos to Mike and Nina for that one. Ho!

Saying goodbye kinda stunk. The Thai and Japanese food wasn't nearly as good as actual Japanese or Thai food, but the company couldn't be finer. There were the St. Louie Three, some of the KC kiddos (including, but not limited to: the Soul Sisters), Mike and Nina, and my Omaha crew.

The ride home: Kristin and I got lost. We found our way to highway 40 and then turned the wrong way when we made our way back to interstate 70. Yeah, but there was singing. A little arguing, but much singing. Also, two headless deer, but not in a row.

Top 3 Favorite New People:
1. Ryan (seriously, you'd all love him)
2. Kenny [Harry] "effin"
3. Cory

Top 3 Dances Of The Weekend:
1. Drunk Tim
2. Cory
3. Terri...even if it was only for thirty seconds.

Top 3 Songs Of The Weekend:
1. That John Legend Christmas song...someone will have to spill that one.
2. (tie)Business Time - Flight Of The Conchords/St. Louis Blues - Danny Kaye
3. Tuxedo Junction - Any version will do.

Top 3 Moments Saturday Night:
1. Kristin & Brian 1st place in the Jack'n'Jill
2. The Big Apple to OutKast music.
3. Dancing with the shoe.

Top 3 Things I Missed:
1. facewash
2. bed
3. iTunes
Blogger Linda said...
You missed your calling, sweetie. You write some of the best commentary that I have had the opportunity to read and I just love your colorful descriptions! That must of been one heck of a weekend. I am sorry that I did not participate. ;0)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
hey there! sounds like you had tons of fun. glad to hear it! (well, "read it", if you want to get technical.)