one classy broad
You Won't Believe Your Skirt...
You know what I love? Music. You know what I love even more than music? Live music. The Street Railway Band played Trovato's tonight like they do every first Wednesday night of the month. They're great. They like having us excites them, and quite frankly, they play better when they have dancers around.

Tonight was no exception, only, tonight they rocked ass. There was a something or other in their music tonight that I recognize as having been there that night they played Cowtown. They were on tonight. They were like one of those black light bug zappers. Seriously. I died because I was sucked straight in.

The slow movement class is nice. I always feel like I'm in my element when I dance the slower stuff. Not because I putter along anyway, but because of how all the elements of dancing with musicality and emotions and physicality come into play. It's the stretch, taking the core and moving it in or out to change the dance, changing the emotional center you're dancing from, or as Brian so wordtastically stated it, "The Goosh." Guh.