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Up A Lazy, Lazy River...
New Rules:

1) No more getting drunk…partly because it gets me heavily thoughtful, and heavy thinking is dangerous for me, partly because it doesn't feel nearly as good as being sober.

2) No more than two drinks when in a crowd of people I know who know each other, because it's highly likely I will be an asshole to more than one of them and follow another of them around like a puppy, because after all, I thrive on people who will let me spend even altered quality time with them, and odds are, someone's going to say something to someone else about it and then I'll have my own "shakes their heads" story.

3) No more drinking around people who know me and my weaknesses and play off them to get me to do or say things I never would otherwise. I am, contrary to public belief, very vulnerable and have a tendency to make brave decisions when "encouraged" to.

4) No more drinking around members of the opposite sex that I am in any way attracted to, minor or major, because while a little Midori goes a long way, it usually gets me feeling a little short on esteem, and no man should ever have to be subjected to that.

5) No more drinking when Kristin is drinking…when we are both drinking, no one is kept in check.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
well i hope you had some fun!
my alcohol tolerance has changed a lot lately and i get sick pretty easy now, so i can't drink nearly as much as i normally used to. that's probably a good thing for some reasons that are a little similar to yours. not that i hope you get sick, but i hope you get to a point where you feel like you have the power to moderate yourself the way you want to.