one classy broad
A Top 10 Of Sorts...
TEN random things about me
1 My sister is my best friend.
2 I've kept all the ticket stubs from movies I've been to in the last year and a half.
3 The two and a half years I spent in Japan were probably the worst of my life.
4 In my life, I've wanted to be Weird Al, a comic book artist, a preacher, and a screenwriter.
5 I've been collecting postcards for the last three years. I have over 500 of them.
6 I only have one kidney.
7 I'm more artsy than rational...but I don't use that as an excuse.
8 If I could listen to only one song for the rest of my life, it'd be Rosemary Clooney's young version of "You Make Me Feel So Young."
9 I communicate better on paper than in person.
10 My nickname in high school was "The F**kin' Angel."
NINE ways to win my heart
1 Spend quality time with me.
2 Look me in the eyes.
3 Be terribly ornery with/to me.
4 Conspire with me.
5 Tell me you love Futurama.
6 Become friends with my sister and/or brother-in-law.
7 Don't make fun of my music choices.
8 Play with my hair.
9 Ask me to meet you at the Joslyn on Saturdays when it's free.
EIGHT things I want to do before I die
1 Publish.
2 Sell a piece of my art for more than $500.00.
3 Get out of debt.
4 Swing dance in New York City or LA (I'd settle for either city).
5 Preach in front of my grandfather.
6 Visit Europe once more.
7 Get some kissin' in.
8 Own my house.
SEVEN ways to annoy me
1 Make fun of my music choices.
2 Take everything I say litterally.
3 Have no sense of humor.
4 Argue in front of me.
5 Touch my ears.
6 Ignore me.
7 Ask me if I'm Mo's kid.
SIX turn ons
1 Broad shoulders.
2 Nice teeth.
3 Witty, sarcastic humor.
4 A penchant for geeky things.
5 The ability to swing dance.
6 Ease of conversation.
FIVE things I'm afraid of
1 Being alone (either in life or in my house when it's storming outside).
2 Clowns.
3 My debt swallowing me whole.
5 Employment.
FOUR favorite items in my room
1 Bible.
2 Art & supplies.
3 JD Salinger collection.
4 Postcards.
THREE things I do every day
1 I brush my teeth.
2 I use the potty.
3 I breathe.
TWO things i want to do right now
1 Go for a walk.
2 Be on a plane to London.
One person I want to see right now
1 My sister.
Blogger Becky said...
honey, you are in deep doo doo if you are afraid of debt and work... ;o)

Blogger Rebecca said...
I know.