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Soon We'll Be Making Another Run...
1. First Name? Rebecca
2. Were You Named After Anyone? Well, I was supposed to be Rebekah after the Bible character, but mom was too hopped up on painkillers and dad was not the best speller...the Drs. created the spelling of my name.
3. When Did You Last Cry? August 12th...the day I was fired.
4. Do You Like Your Handwriting? Yes, I even like my handwriting when I try it right handed.
5. What Is Your Favorite Lunch Meat? Summer sausage.
6. If You Were Another Person Would You Be friends With You? Probably.
7. Do You Have A Journal? That's more or less what this has been since 2003.
8. Do You Still Have Your Tonsils? No.
9. Would You Bungee Jump? No.
10. What Is Your Favorite Cereal? There's a cereal in Japan called Choco that is cereal covered in chocolate. They also have it in strawberry and banana. The banana is my favorite. It smells great and works great as a snack.
11. Do You Untie Your Shoes When You Take Them Off? Not always.
12. Do You Think You Are Strong? Unfortunately so, and at times, to my detriment.
13. What Is Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor? Oatmeal Cookie from Ben & Jerry's.
14. Shoe Size? 8 & 1/2
15. Favorite Color? Pink.
16. What Is The Least Favorite Thing About Yourself? Purely physical.
17. Who Do You Miss? Sam & the Sobczyks
18. Do You Want Everyone To Send This Back To You? Send? Meh.
19. What Color Pants And Shoes Are You Wearing? Blue jeans & white canvas tennies.
20. Last Thing You Ate? Rasin Bran Cereal.
21. What Are You Listening To Right Now? Angie and Sally debating Buffalo Wild Wings vs. The Wing Stop. Also, I have Nelly Furtado's "Maneater" stuck in my head.
22. If You Were A Crayon, What Color Would You Be? Yellow.
23. Favorite Smell? Gasoline.
24. Who Was The Last Person You Talked To On The Phone? Linda.
25. First Thing You Notice About People You Are Attracted To? Hair, the shoulders, then teeth.
26. Do You Like The Person Who Sent This To You? Yes.
27. Favorite Drink? Kool aid or Midori and a clear soda of some sort.
28. Favorite Sport? High school football.
29. Eye Color? Brown.
30. Hat Size? In a Sombrero...large.
31. Do You Wear Contacts? No.
32. Favorite Food? Sausage and Peppers Penne from Macaroni Grill.
33. Scary Movies Or Happy Endings? Happy Endings.
34. What Color Shirt Are You Wearing? Navy Blue.
35. Summer Or Winter? Summer...because of Lindy In The Park.
36. Hugs Or Kisses? Depends on the giver.
37. Favorite Dessert? Cherry Cobler.
38. Most Likely To Respond? Suzie maybe...
39. Least Likely To Respond? Linda, seeing as I got this from her.
40. What Books Are You Reading? Jack Keroac's "The Dharma Bums"
41. What's On Your Mousepad? HIPAA w/pills and prescription bottles
42. What Did You Watch Last Night On TV? Heroes & Studio 60.
43. Favorite Sounds? Guitar, soul bass, and I'll agree with the rain...
44. Rolling Stones Or The Beatles? The Beatles...and then Paul, not John.
45. The Furthest You've Been From Home? Japan.
46. What's Your Special Talent? Drawing and/or painting.
47. Where Were You Born? LaGrange, Il.
48. Who Sent This To You? No one. I stole it from Linda's blog.
Blogger SuzieQ said...
I love your little story about your name. haha :)