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Party On, Wayne...
I'm excited for Friday. Why? Two things: a) Midori b) Sparkling White Grape Jello

Unbelievable conversation of the night:
Merinda: There is a good kind of creepy?
Me: You're asking the wrong person. If you're asking Suzie, the answer is always going to be, "Yes."
Merinda: ...Like Johnny Depp?
Suzie & Me: Yes.
Merinda: What is the good kind of creepy?
Suzie: The kind where his eyes say, "I've seen you naked."
Merinda: Well, can we trade places?!
(general laughter among the three of us)
Merinda: It is Johnny Depp we're talking about.
Blogger Becky said...
funny. but there is more than just jello and midori to look forward to on friday, its my birthday! and merinda's birthday comes right after mine with a party in between!