one classy broad
For The Times When I'm A Little Hotheaded...
So, I've had the chance to cool down after a pretty crazy weekend. Don't get me wrong. I still stand by my post from yesterday. I just want to balance that out with the fact that I am an adult. I may take some things hard or take them personal, but I also know when I'm getting rediculous and I know when to move on.

I will point out that I've had many messages from the gals I know, and while they don't all know the men I may or may not be talking about, they live with the same thing wherever they're from. Which in turn begs the question, "Where are all the men getting it from?" They've all become either cowards or predators. Granted, there was one perfect man who walked the earth, and we killed him...I'd imagine there were at least a few decent ones left walking the Earth. Do we find them and commission them to give lessons?

Or it warrents the question "What's wrong with me?" Do you guys see that? That I question myself when I'm the one left wondering? I've gone over it and over it for so long that I've convinced myself, other than the obvious physical attributes, I'm uniquely flawed and unworthy of any decent male relationships be they casual or serious or merely friendly. I'm not saying I'm the greatest and should be worshiped. I am saying I'm real. I feel. I react. I respond. I live each day, one day at a time, just like the rest of the world. It may be big, but it doesn't make me any less worthy of mere admiration or friendship or even simple courtesies.

And then, after a while, gravity kicks in and I come off my high horse.