one classy broad
She Gets Her Jollies However She Wants...
So, word came this week. In three weeks time, I will not only have started training at the new job, I will be greeting my grandmother with open arms. She is moving in to help out with the cleaning and the babies and whatever else my parents can think up. She'll also be bringing her GIGANTIC weiner dog with her. This is the part that I mourn.

Don't get me wrong, I love a dog as much as the next person. I just happen to love my hardwood floors a lot, too...and when I say GIGANTIC, let me illustrate for you that this weiner dog carries herself like a basset hound...low to the ground with constant belly chafe. At least I'll be cleaning the floors much less often what with my new dust mop and all.

I feel guilty that I haven't been using this time to create. I mention this because someone asked me about it and I couldn't think of a single reason why I haven't done it other than that I've been busy being social. I mean, I've been drawing like mad, but nothing I would consider selling. I haven't touched my paints in the longest time, and I haven't really written anything in longer than that.

What to do...