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I'm sitting here eating my curried mango chicken wrap (bliss!) listening to the Zach Braff & Co. radio spotlight on indie103 out of California. I'm hiding from the craziness in the living room. I love having family come visit, but sometimes you just need a little silence and some music that brings you rest. Right now it's the Carey Bros. singing their Blue Eyes song from the Garden State soundtrack (which I remember listening to a zillion times over).

I have no plans tonight and I could really use some way to leave the house. If anyone feels up to calling me and hanging out with me, that's be awesome...and very gracious of you.

In the meantime, here are a few songs I'm going to recomend to you:

Count Basie feat. Frank Sinatra (gasp! I know...) : "Fly Me To The Moon" - the intro kicks my bum and the drums tickle me just right...should actually be the only version of this song ever created...I don't know how old Quincy Jones was when he put together this arrangement, but he had to have been a teeny weeny baby...I guess that's what happens when you surround yourself with people of vision

Duke Heitger and His Swing Band: "That's My Home" - got this one from Fautly at Cowtown and have yet to tire of kinda makes me feel the same way Omaha does...*sigh*...has a lovely little homegrown brass intro and the vocals feel like they're being sung by my next door neighbor

Buddy Johnson: "Shufflin' and Rollin'" - I blame Brian for this one...and for introducing me to Buddy Johnson in general...he once described this song as the is the climax to any song list

Tegan and Sara - "Downtown" - not swing, I know, but it's still worth every penny to buy or download it...especially if you drive around downtown a lot like's a fun cruising song

Oh, a couple more things. I bought a Bill Amend Foxtrot compilation book this weekend, "Camp Foxtrot." Favorite Sunday funny ever. Also, anyone been reading "Garfield" lately? Today's was so precious. I'm so happy for Jon. I might be one of the world's bigger dorks, but I'm so sappy over the whole thing. Good for him.

Smart Dogs are disgusting. Kristin and I both took one bite and promptly spit it out.
Blogger SuzieQ said...
I'd do something really fun with you, but alas it'd be illegal for me to drive. Only a matter of weeks. :) I need something to do, too. Maybe a board game...or sewing...bleh ((You should go to Septemberfest with or without someone, and ride the thrilling rides! I always have to do that sort of stuff by myself...)) And I must say you are one of the few people (to me) who have an excellent taste in music. Keep it up and don't stray to the crap!