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The Symptoms For Love And Fear Are Basically The Same...
Well, I can't lie to you. The closer it gets to tomorrow morning, the more horrified I am that I don't actually remember anything I've read, anything I've heard, anything I learned enough to be tested on it. I've had stomach trouble for the last three days and am hard-pressed to think about anything other than what will happen once I'm fired. If you're the praying type, I could use one sent my way.

Of course, now my mother has all the ammunition she needs to have at me. This is not the time, so also, if you could add that into your prayer, that'd be awesome because I don't want her within even earshot of me for the next 15 hours. She's done nothing but dissaprove that I haven't studied how she feels I should. She's on the verge of harassing me and I'm so close to the end of my rope right now that I could just about snap her head off if she looks at me weird again.

Needless to say, things are pretty tense right now.
Blogger Linda said...
I understand your frustration. May I suggest that you spend the night at a friends house the night before the test, that way you won't have the added pressure from your parents? Remember to eat something small prior to the test and think everything through. I am sure you will do just fine. If not, then it was not meant to be. When one door closes another will open. Be ready. Good luck!