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Is This Thing On...
I'm trying not to be in denial. I was given the ultimatum today to pass my pretest or be terminated. I have seven days to do this. Everytime you see me, ask me what I've learned. You may only hear babble, but trust me, I need you to do it. Also if you see me spouting off about it, please test me. Ask me if I'm lying. I'm good at making things sound more impressive than they are. I'm a damn good liar when I want to be. So I'll warn you right now that I am and I need you to know.

I'm in need of some roomates starting mid-September/mid-October. Three to be precise. If you or anyone you know has a steady job, isn't creepy, is responsible, and of course needs a place to live, let me know. You've all been over. There are no specifics yet.
Blogger SuzieQ said...
This is completely irrelavent to the post, but I'm in love with your background. :)

Blogger Rebecca said...
Okay, here's my secret: On the left side green box, in the last white box inside marked "The Help," click on PSYCHO and it'll take you to a site that's soooo easy to use you'll cry. It'll help you create your own layout. Then you copy the code and paste it into the template and voila! Kickass background.