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I Know You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone...
I shall be out of town tomorrow and Thursday. I'll be visiting the grandfather in Missouri.

I will of course be seeing The Graduate in September because I have now seen Rumor Has It... If you haven't seen it, you may or may not want to wait until you see The Graduate. One is supposedly about the other. Of course, rumor had it The Graduate was based on a true story when Charles Webb originally wrote it. Hmmm...maybe since I have the time on my hands, I'll read it between now and then.

I bought the new Christina Aguilera today. I've been pretty stoked about it's possiblity. I've only listened to four or five songs off the two disc set, but so far, I'm pretty thrilled. I imagine I'll play at least one of the songs on Sunday. I imagine it'll be the same way with the Idlewild soundtrack. Even if the Village Voice tore the soundtrack apart. For shame.

I know I've had one or two folks tell me that there's no way another swing movement is in order, but I think it's possible the music will momentarily entertain the limelight. It'll probably be brief and understated. Maybe this time though, instead of Rockabilly (sorry guys, not that big a fan), maybe people will find themselves drawn to more actual Jazz Era music.

It's 5 pm. I think I'm going to do some laundry and take a nap.