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When Tires Up And Die...
Thank you to everyone who was able to bring a fan last night! It was disgusting and next week will be more of the same. It's going to cost the Eagles quite a penny to fix all the wiring issues that will afford them to get the air conditioner up and running, so if you're able to bring a fan next weekend, DO IT! PLEEEEEASE!

This is the official announcement ladies: Due to a flat tire that I had to pay an arm and a leg for and couldn't afford to pre-pay for a suite, we will not be having the sleepover on the 8th, it will instead be moved to Saturday, August 5th. I do apologize for the confusion, and quite frankly, I realize it sucks, but tires happen.

In the meantime, there are plenty of birthdays this month that can be celebrated and moreso weddings to be attended. It is event central month, I'm sure. So, get the sleep while you can (I got my first solid 8 hours in three weeks last night, would have been more, but I decided to go for the shower before bed last night so I wouldn't have to wash my sheets this morning).

You ever open up a fortune cookie, or read a Jones bottle cap and say to yourself, "I like this one, I hope it applies?" Yeah, I got a Jones bottle cap that said, "You will be opening a new chapter in your life." I have no idea what that means, but I'm not anticipating it being the best chapter ever. Granted, I think a few things will be great and apply, but I also have the feeling one or two things are on the horizon that don't strike me as things to be fearless about. I continually find myself on the verge of brokenness because things hit the edge of terrifying and work themselves out.

I'm finding myself at a very apathetic place right now. I hope it's just because of the heat, because that's never good. Just a warning.
Blogger Becky said...
eeewwww. the a/c wont be up and running by next week?? I think I may opt out of dancing at the Eagles. Maybe we should move it to tenth and Farnam and have a Lindy in the Dark instead of JNO. It'll be MUCH cooler!!!

I totally understand the delay and I do not blame you at all for postponing your party! I will save the new date and pray your tires all hold their air from now on...

Blogger SuzieQ said...
I'll bring my fan again, but I'm not sure if I'm going to stay/even be at JNO...not because of the no air situation, just because.

Blogger Linda said...
I hope the A/C situation works out. At this rate, everyone will be melting into nothingness.
Please take care of yourself. I understand your pain and it will get better. :)