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This One Here's A Showstopper...
...whenever I'm with him/something inside starts to burning/and I'm filled with desire/could it be just the devil in me/or is this the way love's supposed to be/it's like a heat wave burning in my heart/I can't keep from crying, it's tearing me apart...

The training last week had me all torn apart. I spent Friday night and a good portion of Saturday in a daze trying to calm my head down. I didn't pass the pre-test, so I'll have to try again in two weeks. Those three days of crazy concepts and formulas had me running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I was in a serious pickle trying to form sentences. Bah. I'm still exhausted.

To sum up the weekend: Friday night was all sorts of unexpected. First there was Trevor with Kristin (whaaa? that happens about once every three months), then there was talent night with Brian and Billy. How fun. Then of course there was Trevor going home without Kristin and me ending up at the Donut Stop. Good times.

Saturday we had a tiny gathering at Matsu Sushi for Kristin's birthday. Trevor and I suprised the crap out of her. It was good times. I called it a night a little early when we stepped out and started swimming around in the giant pool of humidity. I was planning to go home when I realized it was still early. I went and saw a movie, all by my little lonesome.

After Lindy in the Park, Kristin, Sam, Leah and I went to the new Target in Crossroads. We all bought clothes. I brought mine back in my house, and somehow Trevor and Kristin ended up taking it with them.'ll probably be a while before I get any of that back.

Woo...nothing really new to report. Trying to figure guys out. As always. Mom and a friend of hers want to set me up on a blind date. We'll see. I'm not thrilled about the idea of my first date being a blind date. Especially since I've had to wait 25 years. I think at this point, I can afford to be picky about the way I meet someone. Bugh.

It's weird to know I won't have anything to do tomorrow night. Hm.
Blogger Viv said...
I'm actually enjoying the night off even though it's disapointing the class had to end. You sounded busy. One of these days I want to also make it to the Donut Stop after JNO.