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Boys and girls, no word for sure on the air on Friday. Be on your toes. We may need fans. I'll post on Friday for sure.

Sometimes, sneaking around places is fun. Sometimes getting situations where you have to sneak around thrown on you is more fun. Sometimes knowing things and not being able to tell anyone and all of a sudden they're privy to that without you having to say a thing is the most fun...cause then after you're done sneaking around, you can talk about it, and you had nothing to do with that person finding out.

I love bal-swing. Not as much as I love charleston, but yaknow. I don't have to.
Blogger Becky said...
that was a little vague...
bout damn time the air was back on at JNO.

I read on the Jitterblogs that The Band of the Night is playing on Friday- didn't everyone think they sucked last time? I didn't go, but that's what I heard... So if there is no air conditioning and a bad band, do I still have to come? ;op I should go anyway. I haven't been to JNO in FOREVER.

Glad you like bal. I still have not learned that one yet.

Blogger Viv said...
I love Bal to. I think I might take the Bal moves workshop on the 21st.