one classy broad
So after a lovely little fiasco involving the sun and two days off nursing said fiasco, I am up and running (albiet a little itchy), and rarin' to go. Only two days to the weekend and boy-oh-boy am I excited. OH! And tonight is Project Runway, so now I'm doubly excited. AND I rented The Libertine, so I'm tripley excited. OOOOOHHHHH...and I have bal-swing naturally I'm more ecstatic about that than anything, so booya.

I have nothing to report really. More stuff on the outside than on the inside right now. Scary, eh? I will say that the new The Killers single is awesome. It might be about me. I'm not confirming or denying at this point, but it might be.

He doesn't look a thing like Jesus, but he talks like a gentleman like you imagined it when you were young.

PS. No air again this week...bring a fan.
Blogger Becky said...
i hate sunburns too, but you're in the final stages- whoo hoo!

i am glad you had an exciting day today.

the no air thing is getting to be a wee bit ridiculous....

Blogger Linda said...
If this keeps up...there won't be anyone left to dance because they will have melted away.

You will have to let me know how you rate the movie. I wouldn't mind renting that one myself.

I hope you feel better outside and inside. Having a sunburn is not fun but you did look fabulous at bal swing. :)

Blogger Rebecca said...
About The Libertine: I had to turn it off 5 minutes into the movie. It is not a movie you want to watch with your mother in the room. At all.

Blogger Linda said...
Okay...dare I ask...who was embarassed more, you or your mom?