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I'll Dream About You...
I saw this picture online and just thought it was appropriate for how I feel now.I have a major test on Friday. I'm nervous to say the least, and I do not want to study. I'm in trouble. I know. Not a good way to go about things.

My belly button itches.

I'm fasting this week. I've been researching it a little and I know I've been doing some major crap to my body lately, and I believe a juice fast (so I'm getting some nutrition) is in order. I started today and my oh my did my body react pretty fast. I already feel somewhat better losing all that unnessicary crap in my body. Sometimes that works right, and sometimes it doesn't. I'm burping an unnatural amount, but still, this time seems to be okay, being it's the first day.
Blogger Becky said...
good luck with that, Becki! I admire you for doing that. I don't think I have the discipline for a fast. Unless there's chocolate. Is there chocolate? ;op

Blogger Rebecca said...
Nope, just a week's supply of Odwalla. Woo.

Blogger Mae said...
How did your test go?