one classy broad
I Get Ideas...
When we are dancing
And your dangerously near me
I get ideas, I get ideas
And I want to hold you
So much closer than I dare to
I want to scold you
'Cause I care more than I care to
And when you touch me
And there's fire in every finger
I get ideas, I get ideas
And after we have kissed goodnight
And still you linger
I kinda think you get ideas too

Your eyes are always saying
The things you're never saying
I only hope they're saying
That you could love me too
For that's the whole idea, it's true
The lovely idea that
I'm falling in love with you

- Dorcas Cochran
Blogger Linda said...
What a beautiful song or is it a poem? Either way, I absolutely love it. Thank you so much for sharing it. It made my day....:)

Blogger Linda said...
Thank you so much for sharing those beautiful words. I get goosebumps just reading them. :)

Blogger Rebecca said...
It's a song sung by Louis Armstrong (I'm sure by many others as well, but I've only heard Satchmo's version). I thought it was fun and a little naughty, so I thought I'd share it.