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Floating Down The River...
Boys and girls, don't forget your fan tonight. Not kidding, it's hot as Hades out there and I can't imagine it being much better inside (in fact, I don't have to imagine anything...I'm half tempted to go see John Tucker Must Die, show up late, and leave early--and yes, that's how annoyed I am with all the sweating). C'est la vie.

Tonight I pass out the ladies sleepover invites. There's a lot of them. I got two extended stay rooms at the Bellevue Settle Inn. They have a kitchenette in one of the rooms and a heated pool. If everyone shows up, it should be good times. The lady even gave me a discount, so it should be GREAT!

So, I didn't pass the greenlight today to move on to the Series 7 on Tuesday. I'm considered too much of a liability to take it yet, so good news guys, I have a little more time to study and get the concepts. I am absolutely exhausted from the last few days and am excited to be not thinking about much again. I say that, and it sounds bad, but I've been in a very absent mood the last couple days with all the crap crammed in my thoughthole.
Blogger SuzieQ said...
mmmm sweat. :P= Not really, but I'm actually kind of used to it now...When we dance outside we sweat, so technically it's just like being outside minus the breeze. :)