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Today is French film Monday. I have no classes this afternoon, so I stopped into Blockbuster and grabbed about 6 movies (2 for mom & dad). I got three of them free which rocked. I grabbed LeDivorce (awful), Love In The Afternoon ('s Audrey Hepburn, how can it not be?), and Amelie (my number 2 movie): all French or set in Paris. I got a fourth movie, but it has nothing to do with France, so I'll leave it unsaid.

Did I mention that both of my parents are unemployed at the moment? This doesn't strike me as normal. Although, because of dad's disability, he's still able to help out with rent. I don't know what to do about it. Mom "has a job," but it still hasn't started because they're not sure it's going to. It's her dream job, but the company she's supposed to go work for is in a suit over a grant.

Ah well, let's focus on the positive at hand. I'm gorging myself on movies. Yumm.
Blogger Linda said...
I just wanted you to know that I enjoy reading your blogs. They are very interesting and I wish I had the gift of expressisng myself even remotely like you do. I will get there....someday! :-)