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Best Holiday EVAR...
I remember a few Independence Days in my time. I remember the one where dad made the homemade ice cream and we went out to the Base Lake for fireworks. I remember when we went to Ron Riddle's church and watched the Rosenblatt fireworks. I even remember last year sitting in the skybox at Rosenblatt feeling the heat from the fireworks, they were so close. This year though, this year beats them all. I had no idea last year when I went driving down 72nd Street and saw all those crazy folks sitting on the side of the roads, not one clue.

Ralston is called "The Independence City" for a reason. This year, the 3rd drew hundreds with all the weekend festivities closing down Main Street (total inconvienence) and today the parade was HUGE. People lined the parade route in droves and I saw so many people I knew! It was hilarious. I had heard rumors that things got a little kooky around here, but this is an all new high. It was nice out today, which means no one in the parade died of heat stroke, but yeesh, it was still nuts.

I had my hippy, folk-singing friends from my home church over, the adopted sister, and even invited the neighbors over for a potluck, a mini-concert/sing-a-long with Kyle, s'mores over the firepit, and of course, fireworks. I had the *greatest* time. I have the greatest spot for watching the fireworks. It was such the family event. I *loved* it. It was so no-pressure and virtually cost-free to me.

So, I believe I have another tradition on my hands. I'm so happy with all the memories I've created in my home. It's awesome. Never has there been a better 4th...although the homemade ice cream wasn't too shabby either.
Blogger Viv said...
That does sound like fun. I heard Ralsten's fireworks put Rosenblatt to slame. Glad you had a good 4th!!