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The Red Lipstick: Part Deux...
As you've probably noticed by now, I took pictures before Jitterbugs Night Out last night, and I've decided that I honestly think the red lipstick is magic. I'm not even kidding you. I know how pathetic it sounds, but it works wonders like I've never even known. Granted, I'm sure wearing the skirt helped, but, I'm pretty certian it was the red lipstick. I'm not usually so silly about things, but the attention was nice.

So the missed oppertunity that I wrote about on the 17th may not be the end of the story. I'm hoping it isn't anyway. I am by no means a stalker. I josh around about it all the time, but there isn't a bone in my body motivated enough or a boy in exsistance who is worth possibly wasted efforts...but I found the boy on Myspace. I'm so lame. I'm testing the waters, especially since I've only met him once. Bah. I am so lame.

Really though, it gives me a case of the flutters.

Your hands, they remind me of fond memories
Of the days that can’t be taken back,
Sweet sixteen, sweet sixteen

Cool river waters, dancin’ beneath our feet off to sea
Meet me at midnight down by the tree,
Sweet sixteen, sweet sixteen

Love me forever but if you have to go, say you’ll write
Don’t send me pictures, I’ve got you memorized,
Sweet sixteen, sweet sixteen

Kate Earl - Sweet Sixteen
Blogger SuzieQ said...
:) :) :) What a happy post. :) :) :)