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Like I'm Sweet Sixteen...
So the ladies slumber party has been decided for July 8th. Sleep in, eat junk for breakfast, primp and head out to Lindy In The Park. I have a list of about thirty-six girls so far. I'm sure Kristin and I will be going over that list with a fine-toothed comb, but holy shamoly, I want everyone to be invited, 'cause when are there really so many follows in a room without having to worry about who's going to get to a lead first?

I'm thinking with that many girls (if they all agreed to show up, that is, I'm also going to have to bus them all here in Grandma Deb (the van) so that way no one has to go by 2 am and there are no cars on the street for the cops to get on my case about. Gah, I'm ecstatic! I bought funny invitations today. Expect yours Friday. I adore my gals, they kick ass. All of 'em.

Off to chuch, fo'shizzle.
Blogger Spanky said...
Wow, your parents let you have sleepovers?!

Blogger Rebecca said...
What was the motivation behind this comment? I'm not quite certain how to properly respond to it. I want to make the most of whatever my comeback is, if one is needed, but I really have no idea where you're getting with this.

Blogger Becky said...
i think troy is being facetious. since you live with your parents and all- even though you are the one who owns the house.