one classy broad
I'm Not Drunk. I Wanna Go Home, Officer. That's All...
I have to be at work at 5:45 tomorrow morning, and I can't sleep. Boo.

I saw The Lake House with Michela last was precious. I am of the strict belief that the chemistry that Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves started with Speed and have carried with this movie should be hereforth and forever continued. Granted, she's had some success with other actors in Hollywood, but he's so unlucky in that department and has only had any real success with her. Too bad. I do adore him. Anticipating A Scanner Darkly to kick ass.

Twitterpation. Bugh. It's a curse. Is it technically summer yet? Not until Wednesday, right? So it's considered twitterpation until Wednesday because it's still Spring. So what is it considered if it lasts past Wednesday? It's not a summer fling, I know that...because at this point it's still one-sided. Ah, sweet, terrible Wednesday. I wait for thee.