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I'm An Evil, Evil Woman, But I Wanna Do A Man Some Good...
I thought I'd reward my crazy life with some music tonight. I was sick earlier today and ended up coming home from work, taking some Alieve and passing out for three hours. I woke up just fine. I hadn't had a headache in months, but today I was distinctly feeling it. I don't know what the deal was, but I felt like poo to the tenth power.

I have a test Wednesday morning, so I don't think I'll be dancing tomorrow, or going to church for that matter. I need to do some heavy, heavy studying. I feel sooooo far behind. The only problem is: how do you study a book that's really just "terms and conditions"?

So, I've discovered Blossom Dearie. She's a little nosey, but she's hilarious and delicious all at the same time. So fun. I'll have to play a little of her next time I get in front of a crowd and iTunes at the same time. Hee-hee-hee...Did I mention how much I love dancing? I know I have. Did I mention that I really, really, really like djing? I'm so excited...I know I have a couple more weeks until the next Friday night for me, but yeah.

It sounds funny, but I could really use a second wardrobe. I don't have nearly enough clothes, all the dancing I do after work. Nothing smells very plesant the next day after I dance. I'm getting annoyed, especially since I don't have enough time to even do laundry. Yes, my sheets are still off my bed and still need to be washed. I thought about buying new sheets this week, but they'd still need to be washed before I put them on my bed, too.

Life is too much of a cycle of things I can't/don't want to/don't care to control. Boo.
Blogger -R- said...
I hope you feel better and get some time to put some sheets on your bed!

Blogger Becky said...
i know what you mean about not wanting to do the laundry... and not having the time for it either. I have learned that I just have to stay up late and do it even if I don't really like to. Oh- and you CAN combine darks and lights as long as you don't have any new dark cloths. And the Shout Color catchers help too. So you can cut your loads in half by combining things you wouldn't think to.
Good luck on your test!!
And- one more thing... ;o)
Thanks for coming to my party!!! I hope you had fun!