one classy broad
I Possess The Honest Pleasure Of Knowing How It Feels To Be Loved...
I think tonight was all about the red lipstick. At the very least it didn't hurt. It was kinda awkward to notice all the attention it brought me, but after watching Heather Graham last night, I just really wanted to try wearing red lipstick. First time ever doing that in public. Usually I'd try it and then take it straight off after realizing how ridiculous I felt. I went for it tonight though.

Some kid kissed my hand after dancing with me tonight. Talk about your awkward moments. I was nice to a veteran (a 20 year old crazy...he's just a baby) and after dancing with me, he kissed my hand. That kid has to know that he'll see me again without knowing anything about me. Tres bizarre.

I saw this picture and found myself in the mood for some balloons. No real reason for it. Just balloons. Filled with helium. Made of latex. Shiny, floaty, ballooney, balloons.

This seems to be a little on the schmoopy side. I was going to bore you all with another boy story, but I'll save you for now. My apologies.