one classy broad
Add A Pinch Of Cinnamon, It Will Make You Sage...
I'm growing upside down.

I'm not really growing upside down. It's a song lyric. Well, maybe I am. I don't quite know that I understand what that means though. I'm sure it's a shame that I don't get it yet. Yes, there's more to the song, that'd probably clarify it a lot, but the statement itself is pretty deep.

I honestly thought my center was supposed to be my backyard and my abdomen. It was interesting to hear that the miscommunication was the reason I keep loosing my grip. Again, I've used muscles tonight that I haven't before. This time wasn't nearly as physically intense as past experiences, but I knew I was getting something internally intense. The "tweaking" is sooo nice. It's interesting to have more people fuss with my basics, seeing as I only ever learned lindy from the same two folks. It's also nice to know I have a better connection to look foreward to and that I won't have to just stick to the slower lindy (as I was afraid I was only really ever going to be able to function within the bounds of a slower bpm with any sort of grace).
My first reaction, to be perfectly honest, was a little on the defensive, but I had a quick (quick) change of heart. I do need to work on being a lighter follow, because frankly, I can be a bit of an elephant on the dance floor when it comes to the higher bpms. I also needed a sort of paradigm shift at this stage in the game, that way I don't carry my bad habits with me as I start to play around with my still very green dancing.

Good. I feel a lot better about what this class is supposed to/going to be about.